Joint voices of overseas Chinese: improving the electoral system in Hong Kong for a better tomorrow

Recently, some Hong Kong separatists who fled overseas have launched a so-called "2021 Hong Kong Charter", urging the international community to stand with them. It is clearly an offence under the national security law. Overseas Chinese strongly opposed the acts of the separatists.

"As overseas Chinese, we find those acts quite ill-conceived and absurd. The national security law adopted last year saved Hong Kong from the social unrest and enabled it to start anew. It wins broad understanding and support," Wu Hao from the Association for Promoting the Peaceful Reunification of China in Russia said.

Yan Tianlu from the China Public Relations Association in Malaysia indicated that the Hong Kong national security law China passed last year has further completed the norms in safeguarding the sovereignty of China based on the fact that the HKSAR is a part of the country under the implementation of "one country, two systems" for more than 20 years. Meanwhile, it has advanced shaping the society under the rule of law. In accordance with the law, Hong Kong residents' and even foreigners in Hong Kong's rights and freedom are protected.

"As we all know, it has not been an easy job to safeguard the stability and development of Hong Kong. We should thank for the timely adoption and implementation of the national security law. A few days ago, during the two sessions this year, the NPC passed the decision on improving Hong Kong’s electoral system. It is a further effort to escort Hong Kong's future," Chen Jianxin, Chairperson of the Chinese Association in Spain, stressed. "That is what the people truly want."

Guo Wenchang, Chairperson of Kenya Overseas Chinese Association, implied that adhering to "patriots ruling Hong Kong" is justified. It concerns the national sovereignty, security and development interests, and is the fundamental principle for the city's long-term prosperity and stability. "As overseas Chinese, we give it our resolute support," he said.

"China is a country ruled by law. Hong Kong society is also under the rule of law. The rights of Hong Kong residents are fully protected in accordance with the law. However, any illegal or criminal behavior will inevitably be punished by the law," Liang Guanjun, Chairperson of the United Chinese Association of Eastern US pointed out. "As overseas Chinese, we resolutely repel and oppose such behavior. For any country, organization and individual, in any way, interfering with Hong Kong's justice and other affairs, and for those harboring illegal separatists for political purposes, we will also unite all the people as we can, and let out the voice of justice of overseas Chinese."

Yan Junren, Chairperson of the Peaceful Reunification of China Association of New Zealand, called on all the overseas Chinese around the globe and all the Hong Kong people living overseas for staying alert to such ill-conceived acts and firmly upholding the principle of "patriots governing Hong Kong". "We look forward to a more prosperous Hong Kong," he extended his best wishes to a better tomorrow of the city.

Ren Chenggong, Chairperson of the board of AUS-CHINA TV MEDIA also mentioned the importance of improving the electoral system in Hong Kong. He said that the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong concerns not only China's development, but also the global economic recovery and resurgence in the post-pandemic era.

We hope the international community will stand by international law and basic norms governing international relations, fully and accurately understand and respect "One Country, Two Systems", earnestly support Hong Kong's prosperity and stability, and avoid meddling with Hong Kong affairs and China's internal affairs as a whole in any way.

[ Editor: WXY]
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